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Challenge Details

Seeking to find the worlds best actors, and actresses and Challenge them with other like minded people.

  1. Prepare a short video
  2. Attach them to your entry application
  3. Tweet it with mention of https://twitter.com/talentchallenge
  4. Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Talentchallenge/1448432865386981

More Details

Talentchallenge that welcomes actors, actresses from all over the world to showcase their talent.


TalentChallenge is offering the following prizes.  

$500 Cash Money,

1 hr of Consulting,

Equity Options within the Company, front page profile announcement and profile description for one week.


  • Submission in Schedule

    Start: 2014-09-22

    End: 2015-10-30

  • Judging

    From: 2015-10-31

    To: 2015-11-06

  • Announcement of Winners


Criteria for Judging

Each Category will be judged by leading experts in the respected industry.   Time, Quality, Content, Presentation and other factors will help decide the winner.

How to Enter

Must have some great passion and desire to show off your talent or have some common sense and realistic expectations.

Challenge Daily Requirements

No discussions found in this challenge.


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